TenPoint Stealth XLT Review

This TenPoint Stealth XLT review was prepared by Fernando Palmer.


TenPoint Stealth XLTSpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
TenPoint Stealth XLT

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320 FPS185 lbs.37.3"7.35 lbs.9.6/10


  • Very accurate at well over 50 yards
  • Enough kinetic energy for any game in North America
  • Light weight, easy maneuverability in hunting conditions
  • Comes with the best crossbow scope on the market
  • High quality limbs – no cracking or breaing unless dry fired


  • A little loud, like most TenPoint crossbows.
  • The price isn’t for everybody

Package Contents

  • TenPoint Stealth XLS compound crossbow
  • Cables, cams and string
  • Foot stirrup
  • Rangemaster crossbow scope
  • Six aluminum crossbow arrows
  • Six practice field points
  • String maintenance kit
  • Arrow quiver
  • Assembly video on DVD
  • Owner’s manual & Lifetime warranty
  • Assembly bolts and Allen wrenches

Packages bought after May 2013 will also include two bonuses: a TenPoint window sticker and a field cap.

Assembling The TenPoint Stealth XLT

  1. Attach the foot cocking stirrup
  2. Secure the riser to the stock
  3. Attach the arrow quiver mount
  4. Mount the scope and secure it

The assembly DVD will guide you through the whole process, there’s really no way you could get anything wrong.

First Impressions: Design, Durability, Safety Features

  • Highly durable, machined aluminum rail. It both looks and feels like it will last for ages.
  • The limbs are quite short, giving the crossbow a very compact size.
  • Very solid arrow retainer – just like other TenPoint retainers, it does not lose flexibility with time.
  • The split limbs are attached to the riser via really large and sturdy limb pockets.
  • Large shoulder plate; very comfortable to aim and no noticeable recoil whatsoever.
  • Both fore-grip and grip have beautiful ergonomic profiles and are comfortable to hold. I was particularly surprised with how comfortable the fore-grip felt.
  • A grip guard button is included, which helps keep the thumb in a safe location and away from the string.
  • ADF (anti-dry fire) system is in place. Safety engages and disengages quietly, without a noisy “click.”
  • Foot stirrup attaches to the crossbow very securely, and the connection does not loosen over time.

Overall: absolutely perfect design. Every single part is more durable than you’ll ever need.

Trigger Assembly

  • TenPoint uses their patented PowerTouchâ„¢ trigger, which is advertised as having a 3.5 lbs. pull. Just out of curiosity I tested this, and the result was 3.48 lbs.
  • Super smooth action even without any lubrication.
  • Relatively long trigger travel distance, but easy to get used to.

Overall: compared to triggers on cheaper crossbows, this one is miles ahead.

The ACUDraw Cocking Device

This is TenPoint’s proprietary solution, and comes in the form of a box only a little larger than a box of matches. This box is inconspicously fitted onto the back of the stock, and a cable can be retracted from the box and fitted onto the string. All that’s left to do is to take out a small metal crank (fits into a pocket), insert it into the box, and start turning to effortlessly draw the crossbow. There’s no need to ever detach the ACUDraw device from the crossbow as it’s so small and light – feel free to keep it there at all times.

Just keep in mind that the cocking procedure is somewhat loud, so don’t do it too close to your prey or you’ll scare it away.

Shooting Speed & Kinetic Energy (KE) of The Stealth XLT

  • According to the manufacturer, the crossbow can deliver 320 FPS. After shooting a few arrows through a chronograph, I’ve determined actual speed to be 319 FPS – as close as it gets to the advertised speeds. This is using the arrows that came with the purchase.
  • Kinetic Energy at PBR (Point-Blank Range) was 88 ft-lbs. Please subtract 1.6 ft-lbs. for every 10 yards of distance covered by the arrow before it hits the target.

Overall: more speed and KE than you could ask for.

Accuracy of The TenPoint Stealth XLT

  • As with all of TenPoint’s crossbows, the Stealth XLT has a very balanced feel to it, which makes aiming comfortable and effortless.
  • Hitting 50+ yard targets with almost perfect accuracy is no problem even for a relatively inexperienced shooter.
  • The RangeMaster scope included is in my opinion the best on the market.
  • Trigger is very smooth and the pull does not impact the crossbow’s stability.

Overall: very accurate right out of the box, with no tuning or modifications required.

Arrows For The Stealth XLT Crossbow

  • The crossbow will work best with 20″ arrows, though 22″ is also acceptable. (Below 20″, however, is not an option.)
  • The package included 6 arrows, which is twice what most compound crossbows come with. Included arrows were aluminum (XX75), which worked better for me than some carbon ones I have.
  • No broadheads are included in the package, so you’ll need to buy those separately. 100 or 125 grain will work best.
  • Whenever uncertain, get any of TenPoint’s 20″ crossbow arrows and you’ll be very happy with the performance.
  • Arrows that came with the package are straight and true, and should last you for a very long time in a target practice environment.

Quality of The Included Scope

  • The RangeMasterâ„¢ scope allows for x5 magnification.
  • Each of the four cross-hairs (20, 30, 40 and 50 yards) can be illuminated, and the illuminated dots are crisp and bright, while remaining small enough so as not to entirely cover your intended target.
  • Once properly secured, the scope never shakes and does not require re-tightening.
  • It was perfectly zeroed as soon as I took it out of the box, and there was no need to sight the crossbow.
  • Fog and rain do not damage the scope (field tested).
  • Very wide field of view, with no blurring around the borders.

Is The Stealth XLT Suitable For Beginners?

Most beginners will probably avoid buying this crossbow due to the steep price (amazon.com link). If money is not an issue however, a beginner will fall in love with the Stealth XLT:

  • It’s so comfortable to hold and shoot that even a complete beginner with no shooting experience will feel like Robin Hood.
  • Shooting speed and kinetic energy output are way beyond anything a beginner would ever need, so you won’t have to upgrade in a few years once you become more experienced and your requirements increase.
  • VERY safe to use, due to the great foregrip design and reliable anti-dry fire system.
  • Trigger pull and action is very “beginner-friendly.”

Is The Stealth XLT Good For Hunting?

  • You can hunt deer, elk and even cape buffalo with this x-bow. In fact, the kinetic energy it delivers is high enough to kill a Grizzly Bear (though that’s illegal in the USA at the moment).
  • The 7.3 lbs. of weight is very easy to carry in the field, and the ~37″ length makes maneuvering it in most blinds and tree stands comfortable.
  • Accurate enough that your distance from your prey won’t be a factor (though it’s better to try and take your shot from 30 yards away or closer.)

Overall: a great hunting crossbow. Only downside is that it is somewhat loud, but that’s not a real issue given how fast the arrow will pierce your target.

Quality of The Stealth XLT String

Pretty much all modern crossbows in this price range come with very good strings. The one on the Stealth XLT will last for at least 1300 shots, and maybe more if you wax it constantly (every few arrows). Replacing the string is very simple, though you will need a crossbow stringer for that, especially considering the high 185 lbs. draw weight.

Where To Buy The Stealth XLT?

If you’re shopping online, check out the current price on Amazon.com. If you want to shop locally, you’ll need to visit some sporting goods stores and try to see if you can find a solid deal, though in most cases you’ll have to pay more than in an online store.

Thanks for reading my review, and happy shooting!

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