Parker BushWacker 150 Review

The following Parker BushWacker 150 review was prepared for you by Martin Huntley.


Parker BushWacker 150SpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
Parker Bushwacker 150

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285 FPS150 lbs.33.5"7.1 lbs.8.3/10


  • Cheap; good entry crossbow for beginners
  • Good safety features, very comfortable foregrip
  • Accurate at up to 35-40 yards
  • Durable string
  • Excellent trigger assembly (G2)


  • Not enough speed for serious hunters
  • Included scope optics are of mediocre quality

Package Contents

All new BushWacker 150 packages bought after December 2012 include the following:

  • The Parker BushWacker 150 compound crossbow
  • Cocking stirrup and crossbow string
  • Multi-reticle crossbow scope
  • String wax
  • Three-arrow quick-detach quiver
  • Warranty card (lifetime) & owner’s manual
  • Assembly wrenches, bolts and screws

The package does not include any crossbow arrows, so you will need to buy those (as well as field tips / broad-heads) separately.

Assembling The Parker BushWacker 150

Make sure to follow the picture-rich assembly instructions within the owner’s manual. The actual assembly process is very simple, as all parts of the eccentric system come already installed. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Use the provided screws to fit the quiver mount to the stock
  2. Use the bolt to secure the riser to the stock
  3. Screw in the cocking stirrup
  4. Mount and secure the scope

Around 15-20 minutes of work is all it takes.

First Impressions: Design, Quality, Safety Features

  • The camo finish on the limbs does not come off with time.
  • Foot stirrup is very large, so you won’t have issues regardless of the size of your footwear.
  • The fore-grip is vented, making the BushWacker really comfortable to hold and aim. It also helps keep your fingers away from the flight rail.
  • The grip is similar to what you’d expect to see in a firearm. Most people like it, personally though I prefer different grip designs. It’s still comfortable though.
  • Shoulder plate is a little small, though given the relatively low shooting speed of the crossbow, it’s still enough to minimize recoil.
  • Arrow retainer is long and seems very durable – no issues with it after over a year of shooting.
  • ADF (anti dry fire) security system is also availble and the safety is ambidextrous.
  • Considering the resilience of the whole construction, it’s very light weight (7 pounds).

Overall: really nothing bad to say here. I only wish the stock butt would have been a little larger for some extra comfort. Otherwise it’s a solid and very safe construction.

Trigger Assembly

  • There are no plastic components, the whole trigger assembly is made of metal.
  • Because it’s a sealed construction, there’s no need for any lubrication.
  • Based on my test, the trigger pull is 4.2 lbs. Feels smooth and quite light to pull, though definitely not too light.
  • Very short trigger travel (under 1/8″)

Overall: Parker’s triggers are among the finest in the industry, and the one in the BushWacker 150 is no exception.

Shooting Speed & Kinetic Energy

  • Advertised shooting speed of the BushWacker 150 is 285 FPS.
  • Speed tests conducted using our chronograph and 350 grain arrows showed 280 FPS (averaged from 5 shots).
  • Point-blank kinetic energy was roughly 60.35 ft-lbs.

Overall: avera shooting speed and KE when compared to more expensive crossbows, but powerful enough for the majority of shooter’s needs.

How Accurate Does The BushWacker 150 Shoot?

  • The scope was not zeroed for 20 yards out of the box, so I had to sight it before I started shooting. Elevation and windage knobs were responsive and it only took me 10 minutes to get the crossbow sighted. After that, the scope seems to hold zero very well with no need for any alterations in settings.
  • It’s quite comfortable to hold, and since it’s also light-weight, this makes aiming much easier.
  • Expect to hit 2″ groups from around 30-40 yards.

Overall: the scope is good and the quality of the design make aiming easy. However, due to the relatively slow shooting speed, it’s hard to properly aim past the 40 yard distance and accuracy will suffer.

Arrows For The Parker BushWacker 150 Crossbow

  • The package unfortunately did not include any arrows.
  • 20″ arrows with 375 to 425 grain total weight are ideal for this crossbow.
  • Both aluminum and carbon will work well, though if you are a beginner better start out with aluminum arrows.
  • Any 20″ Parker crossbow arrows will synergize great with the BushWacker.

Quality of The Included Scope

  • You’ll need to sight your crossbow, as the scope is not zeroed out of the package.
  • The scope has 3x magnification.
  • It’s supposedly water and fog resistant. While I can attest to the latter, I haven’t had a chance to test the former.
  • The scope is excellent for shooting at 20, 30 and 40 yard targets.
  • Optics quality is mediocre. It’s enough for target practice, but if you hunt in varying weather conditions, you’ll have trouble aiming in poorly-lit or misty conditions.

Overall: good scope for target practice. For hunting purposes, get a better scope with better optics.

Is The Parker BushWacker 150 Suitable For Beginners?

This crossbow was designed with beginners in mind:

  • It’s cheap.
  • It’s light-weight and very easy to cock due to the low draw weight.
  • The trigger is very responsive and extremely easy to pull.
  • Decent speed for polishing up on shooting technique before going after a long-range crossbow.

Is This a Good Hunting Crossbow?

  • Depends on what you plan to hunt. It can deliver around 52-60 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy, depending on how far away your target is. (the further it is, the less KE).
  • It’s good for hunting small and medium-sized game (turkey, deer).
  • Hunting elk will also be possibly, but you’ll need to limit your shooting range to less than 25 yards; otherwise you’re reducing your chances of achieving a full arrow pass through.
  • Hunting for the biggest game (like cape buffalo) will not be possible iwth the BushWacker 150.
  • The crossbow is light-weight an short (less than 34″). Very easy to maneuver in the field.
  • Vibration (and hence noise) are very low compared to other compound crossbows. This is probably mostly due to the shooting speed being below 300 FPS.

Overall: get this crossbow for hunting if you are primarily after medium-sized game (up to deer). For anything bigger, I’d recommend going for a more powerful crossbow.

Quality of The BushWacker 150 String

Assuming you lubricate the string every 5-or-so shots, expect it to last for around 1000 shots. Failing to keep the string lubricated will reduce this to around 700-800 arrows, not to mention you will sacrifice some accuracy.

Where To Buy The BushWacker 150?

Start by checking out’s price on the crossbow, assuming they have it in stock. If you want an alternative, browse around some sporting goods stores in your area.

Thanks for reading my review and best of luck with your crossbow journey.

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