Best Hunting Knife For The Money

What makes a knife a hunting knife?

Knives have been around for literally thousands of years, starting with the first flint knappings to create sharp edges for hunting and cleaning animals all the way through the various metallurgy stages of centuries past to the high carbon stainless steel used in most modern knives. As technology continues to push forward, the quality of modern knives will continue to rise, but the uses will remain the same: to make everyday activities in our lives easier.

So what makes a knife a “hunting knife”? Well, frankly it is any knife that you might take to the field and use to help you with hunting activities such as field dressing or cleaning an animal, cutting materials used in the field for hunting or potentially even self defense in the case of a wounded animal.

Given the literally thousands of knives that are available in the market place today, how would you go about selecting the best knife for your needs? Where would you even start? Luckily you are reading this article and we have already done the work for you. Our extensive field staff has spent a lot of time looking into the “best of the best” of hunting knives and, combining our real world experiences with feedback from our readers we have compiled a list of the best knives on the market today. For each category where there is a really large selection of knives, we have also included a ‘budget’ category, for those hunters looking for a great knife but not wanting to spend big bucks for it.

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What are the types of hunting knives?

One could literally create an endless number of categories for what constitutes a hunting knife, but that just wouldn’t make for a convenient article for our readers. What we have done is broken the knives into the categories of a field blade knife, a field dressing knife, a tactical blade knife, a rescue knife and a survival knife. Each of these types of knives is one that any hunter might carry into the field based on his or her individual needs. These categories are further broken into a fixed blade under 4”, a fixed blade over 4” and a folding blade to make it easier for you to know what the best knife is for your needs.

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What is a field knife?

A field knife is a knife that, simply put, is meant to be carried in to the field to be used for a variety of tasks. This is a knife that may not have a specific function such as a filet knife or a field dressing knife, but rather is a ‘go to’ choice to always have on you when out in nature. This is the knife that falls into the category of ‘jack of all trades’ where it might not perform a specific function better that a knife designed to fulfil that function might, but it can perform a much wider variety of tasks well enough to get the job done.

What is the best fixed blade field knife with under a 4” blade?

This category looks at what traditional field knife with a fixed blade under 4” long (blade only length) is the best bang for your hard earned dollars. For this we looked at the blades that are strongest and stay sharp the best as well as the overall quality, look and feel of the knife.

Top Pick: Buck Knives 0102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives is a very well known knife maker with a lot of quality offerings on the market. The 0102 Woodsman is just what one might picture when thinking of the classic hunting field knife. Its 4” blade is made from high quality 420HC Steel with gives it both excellent strength and edge retention. It has an overall length of 7 ¾” and a full tang construction. It also has a finger guard integrated into the blade. With an overall weight of 2.5 oz., the Woodsman is heavy enough to feel sturdy, without being an effort to lug around. The handle is a traditional Cocobolo Dymondwood handle with a brass butt guard. The knife includes a genuine leather sheath with a snap fastener and comes with Buck’s Forever Warranty. This is a great all around knife that is capable of doing most aspects of cleaning an animal.

Buck Knives 102 Woodsman

  • High quality look and feel.
  • Small enough for small game but can still be used to quarter a deer.

  • Handle is a bit small for larger hands.

What if I am on a tight budget?

Second Pick: Elk Ridge ER-304WD Fixed Blade Knife

Elk Ridge is a knife company that is known for making a good knife while keeping the price point more reasonable for a hunter’s budget. At 8.5” in overall length and a 4” full tang blade, it is a knife that is going to be small enough to be useful for a variety of hunting tasks that require a smaller blade while still being big enough to work on larger game. The blade has a beautiful mirrored finish and just the right depth of grooves on the spine as to give a good traction point. The burl wood handle has a very clean finish and gives that look of a classic hunting knife and enough size as to fit most hands comfortably while also having a brass finished finger guard. The Elk Ridge 304 also comes with a leather sheath that snaps and has that just right feel of authentic rawhide. All in all, it is hard to go wrong with this knife, especially in the budget category!

Elk Ridge ER ER-304WD

  • Knife has an overall feel of quality.
  • Blade comes razor sharp.

  • Some QC issues have been reported.

So what is the best fixed blade field knife with a blade longer than 4”?

For this category, we examined fixed blade field knives for the same qualities as above, looking for quality of the blade, how long it keeps an edge as well as the overall quality, look and feel of the knife, but in a longer blade.

Top Pick: Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife

Buck knives has created a beautiful yet functional hunting knife with the model 0119. It has a 6” clip blade that is actually a full tang, just not an exposed tang; it goes all the way through the handle where it is pinned and the pin is ground and polished so well that you might not even notice it. The blade is made from 420 stainless and even features a blood groove. The handle is made from Cocobolo Dymondwood and features a brass pommel. The overall weight of the 0119 is 7.5 oz., enough to let you know you are holding a substantial blade but not so much as to get you tired of holding it. Buck knives are renowned for their strength and edge retention, and the 0119 is no exception. The knife also features a leather sheath that snaps around the handle to ensure the knife stays securely in place. When you look at the beauty and quality of this knife, it is easy to see why it got our top nod, and even becomes a greater value when you add in the Buck Forever Warranty.

Buck Knives 119

  • High quality fit and finish.
  • Looks like a display knife, yet has true functionality.

  • Be wary of potential Chinese knock offs.

Is there a budget friendly long blade hunting knife?

Second Pick: MTech USA MT-086 Series Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

MTech has brought forth a great hunting knife for those who are on a tight budget. The knife features a black 440 stainless blade and is also a full tang. The blade measures 7 inches with the overall length of the knife coming in right at 12 ¼”. The knife is a fully blacked out knife making it a little different from the other fixed blade choices on our list. It features an ABS handle that has grooves to fit your hand quite well. There are inserts in the handle that resemble sandpaper which are really there to improve grip. The MT-086 also features a glass breaking point on the heel of the knife just in case you ever need to break out a window in a rescue situation. The sheath that the MT-0886 comes with is a simple nylon sheath and is probably what we consider the weak point of the entire package. All in all, for the value the actual knife has, we were able to look past the sheath to give MTech the top nod in the budget category.

MTech USA MT-086

  • Good overall quality.
  • Blade will take a razor edge.

  • Sheath is nylon and won’t likely hold up to heavy use.

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What is the best folding field knife?

Knowing that every hunter has unique needs for their specific hunting situation(s), we also recognize that there is a time and place where a folding field knife is going to be the best option. Many times a hunter does not want to wear a knife on his or her belt and a folding knife can often be just what they need. For this category we looked not only at the quality of the blade and the fit and finish, but also the quality of the folding mechanism and how reliable the locking mechanism is as well.

Is there a budget friendly long blade hunting knife?

Top pick: Benchmade Grizzly Creek

Benchmade is a knife company that is well known for making high end quality knives, and the Grizzly Creek is no exception to that history. The 3.5” blade is a drop point style and made from CPM-S30V stainless steel. With a closed length of 4 1/3 inches and an open length just under 8”, the Grizzly Creek is just the right size to perform a variety of outdoor tasks. The Grizzly Creek weighs in at 4.8 oz. giving it enough heft while not making it uncomfortable to fit in a pocket. The handle is a stabilized wood, meaning it is a composite of wood and plastic, but has the look and feel of real wood with a diamond checker pattern that gives enough grip without being uncomfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time. One important feature of the Grizzly Creek is the silky smooth deployment of the blade…so smooth that it almost makes it feel like it is spring assisted. There is zero lateral movement of the blade and the locking mechanism feels absolutely solid. There is also a small gut hook on the back side that can come in useful for a variety of tasks.

Benchmade Grizzly Creek

  • Smooth one handed deployment and stowage of the blade.
  • Very solid blade anchoring with no lateral movement.

  • Gut hook can be a little tricky until you are used to it.

Is there a good folding field knife for a tighter budget?

Second Pick: Ontario 8916 Joe Pardu Utiliac Folding Knife

The Ontario 8916 Joe Pardue Utiliac Folding Knife offers a quality blade at a budget price. The blade is constructed of AUS-8A steel and is 3.25 inches long when deployed. The knife is 4.75” long overall when closed and 8” overall when open. The blade is a tanto design and comes out of the box quite sharp and seems to hold an edge fairly well. The thumbstud makes for a very easy one handed opening and the mechanism is actually quite smooth, especially for a lower price knife. There is an included 4 position clip to allow for easy attachment to a pocket or belt. The handle is a black Zytel handle which is a departure from the wood finish of most of the field knives on the list, but the overall quality and popularity of this knife earned it this spot on our list. We did find the handle to be a little fatter than on some knives, but for the quality versus cost, this is easy enough to overlook.

Ontario 8916

  • Good value, fit and finish.
  • Very sharp out of the box.

  • A bit heavier and wider than some might care for.

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What is a field dressing knife?

A field dressing knife is one that has been designed to specifically aid in the task of field dressing a large game animal such as a deer. This is a knife that is going to have a specific form and function and is not likely to do a lot of other tasks as well as a field knife might. To be considered a field dressing knife, the blade will need to be thick enough to cut through a sternum or have a specific blade for that function, while also being sharp enough to cut through the skin of the chest and abdomen. There should also be a gut hook as part of the knife to assist with cutting through the abdominal muscles of the game without penetrating through and cutting the intestines or other organs. Another option employed with some field dressing knives is the inclusion of a blade that has a saw. This is meant to provide an easier cut through the animal’s sternum compared to a smooth edged blade.

What is the best field dressing knife with a fixed blade?

For this category, we looked at knives that had a blade that was sharp enough to cut through skin, yet strong enough to stand up to a bit of abuse when cutting through a deer’s sternum. This is typically going to be accomplished with a blade that is no longer than about 4” and is a bit taller than other blades to offer more rigidity. Typically the gut hook on a fixed blade field dressing knife is going to be on the top of the knife with the blade of the gut hook facing to the rear to allow the knife to be pulled towards the hunter, thereby not risking a stabbing injury should the knife slip.

Top Pick: Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro Knife Gut Hook

Gerber has brought forth a solid offering with the Myth Fixed Blade knife. The knife is 8.5” in overall length with a blade that is 3.75” in length. The knife is a full tang design to ensure strength when cutting through the chest of an animal. The blade is made from Gerber’s high carbon steel and features a titanium coating giving it a cool dark gray finish. The handle has a rubberized construction and even features depressions on either side for your thumbs to ensure a solid grip. The sheath features a friction lock as well as a pommel lock and even includes an integrated carbide sharpener. All in all, this is a solid knife that should perform well for years in the field, just be sure to keep that edge on it.


  • Excellent grip, especially for field dressing.
  • Sheath features an integrated sharpener.

  • Blade could be sharper out of the box.

What is the best field dressing knife with a folding blade?

A field dressing knife that has folding blades will typically have more than one blade to best perform the functions of field dressing. Typically one blade will be a more traditional knife blade with a gut hook on the back and a second folding blade that has an actual saw edge. We have spoken to many hunters that think this saw edge is to cut small tree limbs, and while it certainly can do that, and do it well, it is actually to cut through the sternum of large game animals with more ease than a smooth edged blade can. On some versions of a folding field dressing knife, there is a third blade which is a dedicated gut hook blade.

Top Pick: Buck Knives 183 Alpha Crosslock Dual 2 Blade Folding Knife

Buck Knives has brought a very functional field dressing knife to the market in the 183 Alpha Crosslock knife. There are 2 blades on the 183 Alpha Crosslock both made from 420 HC Stainless steel. Each blade is 3” long and designed to be both corrosion resistant and edge retentive. One blade is a traditional spear point blade capable of a multitude of cutting chores while the second blade has an aggressive saw design with an integrated gut hook on the top far end of it. The saw is certainly capable of cutting through small branches, but is primarily designed to make cutting through the sternum on a large animal much easier. The 183 Alpha Crosslock comes with a removable belt clip that can be mounted to either side as well as a nylon sheath. The handle is anodized aluminum and is available in either a tan/orange woodgrain pattern or a dark green. The knife has a solid lock for the blades and is not difficult to unlock the blades when you are done with your task. As with all Buck Knives, the Forever Warranty is offered with the 183 Alpha Crosslock.


  • Good grip thanks to diagonal slotting on handle.
  • Blades lock firmly in place, yet are easy to release.

  • Colors may not match pictures.
  • Some variability on blade sharpness out of the box.

What is the best field dressing knife, multi-knife kit?

The third option available to hunters who are looking for a dedicated field dressing knife is the multi-knife kit. This is a kit where there multiple fixed blade knives that are all in a single sheath for ease of portability. There will typically be two or three knives in a kit such as this with one having a good cutting edge and a gut hook on the back and the second knife having a saw configuration. As we discussed above, this saw edge might be mistaken for a knife that is meant to cut small limbs, but it is actually designed to allow for easier cutting of a large animal’s sternum.

Top Pick: Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit III

The Gerber Moment kit is perfect for helping you field dress your next big game kill, especially if you want multiple blades each designed for a specific function. We will point out from the beginning that this is not a knife set you are going to wear on your hip as it comes with a cloth case that is designed to be rolled and put in your pack. If you don’t mind that, then keep reading as this may be just the kit for you. There are 3 knives included in this kit, all of which are full tang. The smallest knife, which is really for caping has a 3.2 inch blade to allow for detail oriented work. The larger knife offers a 3.6 inch blade and a gut hook on the top. The last knife has a saw blade and a T handle to make cutting through bone much easier. This knife even has a hook on the end to keep the saw in the cutting groove as well as a flat end to ensure you don’t unintentionally poke through any organs. This is an excellent all around field dressing kit that will make your next deer much easier to take care of.


  • Multiple knives each have specific function.
  • Rubber handles are easy to grip.

  • Is not portable on your belt…must be carried in a pack.

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What is a tactical knife?

A tactical knife is a knife that is usable for a variety of tasks, much like a field knife would be, but usually with more of an offensive capability. Tactical knives, like many other knives can come in a variety of blade lengths and in both fixed blade and folding varieties. A tactical knife will not have a wooden handle nor will it typically have a blade that is a bright stainless. These knives can come in a variety of colors from black to desert tan to even camouflage, but will typically always be a more muted color pattern.

What is the best tactical fixed blade with under a 5” blade

Many hunters would rather have a multi-purpose knife that offers a more tactical feel than a traditional hunting knife. For this category, we examined not only the blade quality and overall fit and finish of the knife, but also whether this knife offers any concealment, considering this is a shorter blade. For this category, there is also always a certain ‘cool factor’ that comes in to play so we definitely had to consider that as well. Because fixed blade tactical knives are typically a bit larger and more stout, we upped the length of blade for a shorter knife to 5”.

Top Pick: Gerber 30-001059 StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber has brought a solid tactical hunting knife to the market with the StrongArm. The blade is a 4.8” 420 HC stainless steel that enjoys a matte black ceramic coating, making the blade both inconspicuous as well as corrosion resistant. As with just about any quality knife, the design is full tang. There are different versions of blade available, one of which has a serration on the back half and one which has the entire blade smooth. The handle is an ergonomic rubberized handle with a diamond texture that makes for a very solid grip. The handle is also available in coyote or in black and has a striking point on the butt, suitable for breaking glass or stopping an opponent. One really cool aspect of the StrongArm is the modular hard plastic sheath it comes with. The sheath can be worn as a normal knife on the belt, but can also be worn sideways along your belt across your back. The sheath can also be mounted to MOLLE attachment points giving it a true tactical capability. Because the cool factor played in to our decision, we had to give the nod to the serrated edge and coyote color.


  • Textured handle allows for strong grip.
  • Modular sheath allows for multiple mounting options.

  • Some variability in the quality of the edge out of the box.

What if I am needing to stay within a tight budget?

Second Pick: WOWOWO 7.5 Inch Combat Tactical Knife

This is a great smaller tactical knife for those who want to have an extra blade around but don’t want to spend a lot to do it. The knife has a 3.9” black blade with slight grooves on the top to assist with control when pushing down. The design is full tang as it has to be since the grip is simply a nylon cord wrapped around the metal. At first glance you might think it is 550 cord, but it isn’t, not that we would have expected that at this price point. The cord is an olive drab color and actually makes for a functional grip with a solid feel. The sheath is a simple nylon sheath with a belt loop, nothing fancy but enough to get the job done. We were a little thrown off by the name “WOWOWO”…not exactly tactical sounding…but still had to give it the nod due to the design, overall feel, and cool look of this blade.


  • Simple design with excellent price point.
  • Good grip.

  • Sheath is not likely to hold up for long.
  • Pay close attention to the dimensions…this is NOT a large knife.

What is the best tactical fixed blade knife with over a 5” blade?

For this category, we had to evaluate a knife for a more aggressive purpose. This is a category where you might find a knife that is much more of a combat knife than a traditional hunting knife. While most hunters certainly don’t go into the field looking for combat, some do. There are groups of hog hunters that like to get in close and personal and finish the job with a knife. There are also times when, during bow season a deer might need to be finished off (where legal) and guns are not allowed. This type of knife will certainly make that job much easier and quicker. Again, the tactical knife is not for everyone, but it can have its place in a hunting arsenal.

Top Pick: KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath

This is the modernized take on the original USMC issue KA-BAR knife. The blade is 7” long and is designed to be very easy to sharpen with its 1095 Cro-Van steel. The blade on this KA-BAR is black, and with the black Kraton handle and black plastic sheath, this knife certainly gets the nod in the looks department. The true reason this knife is our pick is the fact that variations of it have been around for a LONG time as in, ‘WWII long time’. This knife has proven itself time after time and will continue to do so for as long as KA-BAR continues to make it. Some users would prefer it not to have the serrations, but from a hunting standpoint these can be very useful for cutting through thicker tissue or light brush. The blade locks nicely into the plastic sheath, even without securing it with the snap loop around the handle. All in all, this is a proven tactical knife with serious hunting applications, and one that is sure to last for generations.


  • Long proven history.
  • Blade locks securely into sheath but remains easy to remove.

  • Kraton polymer grip can get slippery.
  • 1095 Cro-Van steel needs to be kept oiled as it is more prone to corrosion.

What if I am on a tight budget?

Second Pick: MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

MTech has brought forth a very aggressive tactical/hunting knife in the Xtreme MX-8054. The blade is a tanto design made from 440 stainless and coated in a matte black. The Xtreme is a full tang design with a G10 handle that really does offer a solid grip, even when wet. Other design features of the blade include a long blood groove as well as a rough saw tooth pattern along the top of the blade. The main cutting edge of the blade is actually separated into two cutting surfaces, the one closest to the handle being raised by about ½” to allow you to cut without the blade slipping off the end of what you are cutting. The included sheath is made from nylon and even features a strap to go around your leg to keep the knife from flopping should you need to run with it sheathed. All in all, this is a good knife for the money, just keep in mind it is made in China so there can be a lot of variability in quality control. Typically you either get a great one or a poor one…many more great ones arrive, just know to check it out when you get it.


  • Grip is very secure even in wet conditions.

  • Quality control can be very iffy.
  • Some of the included sheaths are not well made.

What is the best tactical folding blade knife?

There are many hunters who prefer a folding knife in some situations. A tactical folding knife might offer features that an ordinary folding knife might not, and those features may be exactly what a hunter is looking for. As with other tactical knives, a tactical folding knife is typically going to be black, tan, camo or some other earth toned color to make the knife less conspicuous. A tactical folding knife is also typically going to be more concealable to add to its portability. All of these have been evaluated in our selection along with the ever important “cool factor” associated with tactical knives.

Top Pick: Zero Tolerance Combat Folder Framelock ZT0301

The name “Zero Tolerance” truly does apply here. This is a super solid knife…possibly one of the best built knives we have reviewed. The blade is constructed of S30V stainless steel and has a tungsten DLC coating that not only gives an awesome tiger striped look, but it also eliminates glare off the blade while also reducing friction, allowing the blade to effortlessly slice through just about anything you need to cut. The titanium handle gives a solid grip and the internal mechanisms make this knife feel like it runs on ball bearings. The blade has a length of 3.75” and the knife has an overall closed length of 5.25” Weighing in at 8.6 oz., the ZT0301 has enough heft to give a confident “well built” feel without being so heavy you don’t want to carry it. For most of our field staff and most of the folks we have talked to, there really aren’t any negatives to this knife in terms of quality or strength. It can be a bit pricey for a lot of budgets, but this is a knife that you could actually try to break and you still might not be successful.


  • Blade is coated to reduce visibility and friction.
  • Super tight tolerances.

  • A bit expensive for a lot of budgets.

What if I need to stay within a budget?

Second Pick: TAC-FORCE Knives TF-705 Assisted Opening Tactical Knife

TAC-FORCE Knives are known for offering some rather innovative designs at very good price points and the TF-705 is no exception. The TF-705 features a 3.25” blade that has a full 3 mm thickness. The entire knife is only 4.5” when closed, so this is a knife that will fit easily into your pocket. The blade is a matte black with a half serrated design. The knife features a spring assist open and a liner lock which both work very well, although we have heard from some of our readers there can be some QC issues with the spring assist. There is also an integrated bottle opener in the handle, but it is very difficult to use unless the blade is in the open position. All in all, the TF-705 gets good marks for the ‘cool factor’ as well as being a decent blade at an excellent price point.


  • Excellent price point.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

  • Can be some QC issues with assisted opening mechanism.
  • Bottle opener can only be used with blade open.

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What is a rescue knife?

A rescue knife is a knife that not only has a good blade, but also typically offers a glass breaking tool and possibly even a seat belt cutter. While many might not consider a rescue knife as a hunting knife, there are a lot of hunters who will use this as their EDC (every day carry) knife and find they are so used to it, it makes its way into the field with them. For purposes of this section, we looked at the functionality of this knife as a rescue tool, but also the practicality of this knife being used in hunting or field situations. While there is also a certain “cool factor” that goes into a rescue knife, much less consideration was given here than in the tactical category.

What is the best rescue knife?

Even though there are some versions of rescue knives that are fixed blade, most rescue knives carried by first responders are going to be folding knives. As such, we did not break this section into multiple categories as we did with the above sections.

Top Pick: Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-14ZLEK Law Enforcement Knife

Columbia River Knife and Tool has an excellent tactical/rescue offering in the 14ZLEK knife. The “LE” stands for “Law Enforcement” as this is a knife that many first responders actually carry when on (and off) duty. The 3.75” blade features a tanto design and is made from AUS-8 steel with a black titanium-nitride finish. The blade also features serrations on the first inch or so of the blade with the rest being smooth. The attached clip can be moved to accommodate a variety of carry needs and the handle offers a solid feel. There is a glass breaker on the butt end of the handle that is quite sharp. There is also a seatbelt cutter that doubles as an oversize deployment aid to make opening the 14ZLEK quick and easy. This knife is a bit heavy compared to many other knives out there, but that extra heft also translates to a knife that has no play in the blade whatsoever when the blade is deployed.


  • No play of the blade in any direction.
  • Integrated seatbelt cutter makes quick deployment of main blade very easy.

  • Can be a bit heavy for everyday carry.
  • No lock in closed position.

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What is a survival knife?

A survival knife is a knife that will have multiple functions beyond simply being a cutting tool. Many people think of a survival knife as a knife that has a fixed blade and a hollow handle where matches and maybe fishing line are stored, and certainly with a compass on the butt. While these are marketed as “survival knives” we did not bring those into our evaluations as hunters are going to be looking for a knife with excellent cutting characteristics as well as a strong blade. Typically, because that type of knife cannot be a full tang design given the hollow handle, it tends to break much easier than other styles, meaning it isn’t going to offer a hunter the durability required from a quality knife…and let’s face it, does the compass ever actually work?

What is the best survival knife?

For the purposes of our evaluations, we looked at the design of the knife as well as what additional features it incorporated. Most important in this category was the durability of the knife as a broken survival knife tends to hinder survival efforts. It was also important to evaluate how this knife could be used by a hunter in the field under more than simply survival conditions. A small nod was given to the “cool factor”, but this was less important than the functionality and sturdiness of the design.

Top Pick: BlizeTec Survival Knife

The BlizeTec Survival Knife offers a lot of features and functions in a very compact package. The 420 stainless blade is 3.5” long and the entire knife is only 5” when closed. The knife weighs in at just under 5.5 oz. and can be carried either using the belt clip or included nylon pouch. There is a mini LED light in the handle as well as an integrated seatbelt cutter. On the butt end is a window breaker as well, should you ever need to break glass. One really cool feature of this knife is an integrated magnesium fire starter that really moved it up the rankings in our survival knife category. This is an overall good multi-purpose knife that is a good addition to anyone’s survival pack. One observation is that this is a good overall knife, but no one feature is particularly outstanding, rather the combination of features makes this a good purchase.


  • Great multi-function knife in a folding configuration.
  • Magnesium fire starter completes this as a survival knife.

  • This is designed as a multi-function tool, so no one feature is superior, although together they make a superior survival knife.

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