Best Turkey Decoy For The Money

What is a turkey decoy and why do I need one?

Turkeys are well known for their incredible eyesight, and big toms are also known for being very wary, that’s how they get to be big toms after all! For many hunters who have spent much time in the field, hearing turkeys is one thing, seeing them is another, and getting them into shooting range is something else entirely.

There are no guarantees when you go hunting, and just the same there is no one magic decoy that is going to fool every turkey every time. Learning the differences in turkey decoys and also experimenting with when to use them is the best method for bagging that big gobbler.

Seeing the absolute myriad of decoy choices out there can be quite daunting, especially if you don’t have much experience with decoys or with turkey hunting. Luckily for you, we have spent the time compiling the ‘best of’ turkey decoys using testing and feedback from our field staff and our readers. Take a look below to see the different types of decoys and recommendations for each category.

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What types of turkey decoys are out there?

Turkey decoys come as one of the three types of bird: the tom, which is the mature male bird, typically with a longer beard and full fan tail; the hen, which is the female bird; and the jake, which is the young male bird, typically with longer middle feathers on his tail fan. Given there are so many variables where each type of bird will work the best, we have instead focused on the different styles of decoy, which will be more useful for a broader assortment of hunting situations.

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Inflatable decoys

The inflatable decoy is one that is very portable and typically is designed to be rolled up for easy transport. These will typically be mounted on a metal stake which you place into the ground. Inflating the decoy ensures it will keep its 3 dimensional shape during your hunt. You will want to be careful with inflatables as thorns or sharp objects in your bag can puncture them, resulting in a decoy that will not stay properly inflated.

What is the best inflatable decoy?

Top Pick: The AvianX Jake Quarter Strut Decoy

The AvianX Jake Quarter Strut Decoy gets our nod for being one of the best inflatable decoys available. AvianX has created a decoy with an ultra-lifelike paint scheme, one that many have described as often making the hunter do a double take of his or her own decoy! The pose the decoy has is a very non-aggressive one, which will help to bring in both aggressive as well as non-aggressive birds. The stake that it mounts on is one piece and folds to add to portability. The decoy also includes its own carry bag and even a turkey hunting DVD.


  • Ultra realistic paint scheme.
  • Easy and quick to set up.

  • Need to check your decoy to ensure it holds air prior to each hunt.

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Soft sided decoys

Soft sided decoys are usually the most portable (of stationary decoys) and easiest to set up of all turkey decoys. They are designed to fold flat for greater portability and to set up quickly, as you basically just unroll or unfold the decoy, put the stake in the ground, and attach the decoy to the stake.

What is the best soft sided decoy?

Top Pick: The Primos B-Mobile Decoy

The Primos B-Mobile decoy is one of the most realistic looking collapsible decoys on the market. It is designed to fold up to allow it to be more portable. There is a full artificial fan that comes with the decoy and also a fan holder should you wish to up the realism and use a real turkey fan. Even though this is a foldable decoy, don’t plan on just putting this in a pocket of your turkey vest, you are going to likely need to use the included mesh bag to transport this decoy. For anybody that might wonder, the “B” is a nod to “Bob”, the Primos full sized stuffed turkey they used as a decoy before creating this on.


  • Way more portable than the original “Bob”.
  • Very realistic.

  • Can still be a bit bulky even when folded up.

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Stalking/Fan decoys

Fan decoys, also called stalking decoys, are designed to use the broadside of a turkey’s fan to hide the hunter. Some of these decoys can look like an oversized Asian fan that is colored to match a turkey while others might add a bit more realism with part of a turkey body replica placed in front of the fan. These types of decoys can be employed as a stationary decoy the hunter can hide behind, but they can also be attached to the barrel of the hunter’s shotgun to allow concealed stalking of turkeys.

What is the best stalking or fan decoy?

Top Pick: Primos Chicken on a Stick Jake Turkey Decoy

Sounding more like something you might get at your local County Fair, the Primos Chicken on a Stick Jake Turkey Decoy is actually a very effective way of getting within shooting range of a big tom. It has a place to attach it to your gun and even has a camera mount if you want to record how up close and personal you can get. The Chicken on a Stick comes with an artificial fan, but also has a mount where you can use a real fan should you wish to up the realism.


  • Allows you to move to turkeys instead of always having to wait for them to come to you.
  • One of the more realistic fan targets.

  • Use with caution if any other hunters are potentially close by.

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Motorized decoys

Turkeys have such excellent eyesight that sometimes a little movement can really get their attention. On those days when there is very little movement in your hunting area, having a decoy that moves on its own can really pay off. We have seen this many times in the field where a little movement can grab the attention of birds that are ignoring other decoys.

What is the best motorized turkey decoy?

Top Pick: The MOJO Outdoors Quarter Pounder Motorized Turkey Decoy

The MOJO Outdoors Quarter Pounder Motorized Turkey Decoy is a really cool setup for when you want to add more realism to your decoys. It is basically the front quarter of a turkey (hence the name) with a motorized fan on the back that can be raised and lowered using the included remote control. This is a decoy that would work particularly well when combined with a hen decoy as a mature gobbler will not tolerate a lesser male strutting for a hen in the gobbler’s territory. The MOJO Outdoors Quarter Pounder is easy to set up and will run for up to 8 hours on a set of four AA batteries.


  • Remote control lets you control motion in real time.
  • Easy to set up.

  • Heavier than most decoys due to the motor.
  • No supplied carry bag.

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What types of accessories for turkey decoys are out there?

Carry bag

A lot of the newer decoys actually come with their own carry bags, but there are still many that do not. The DecoyPro mesh decoy bags are a great way to carry your bulky turkey decoys. They are large enough to fit a couple of decoys and come with shoulder straps to keep your hands free to carry your other gear. The drawstring closure makes closing them very simple and the mesh design ensures any moisture on the decoys won’t turn to mold.


Real fans

Many decoys that have either a tom or a jake in a strutting position will have a synthetic fan that comes with the decoy along with a mount to allow you to use real turkey feathers to make up the fan. The new ‘real’ fan is made by carefully plucking the fan feathers from either a tom or a jake that has been harvested. Using a real fan can sometimes mean the difference between success and going home empty handed.

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