TenPoint Lazer HP Review

This TenPoint Lazer HP review was written by Ronald Shine.


TenPoint Lazer HPSpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
TenPoint Lazer HP

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313 FPS185 lbs.37.5"8.3 lbs.9.2/10


  • Highly accurate at up to 60 yards
  • Enough kinetic energy for deer, elk, and even bigger game
  • Exceptionally high quality materials, very durable
  • Comfortable and safe foregrip
  • Comes with a really good scope


  • Somewhat loud

Package Contents

All packages purchased after March 2013 include the following parts and items:

  • TenPoint Lazer HP compound crossbow
  • Three 20 inch aluminum arrows
  • Four arrow quiver with a quick detach lever
  • Arrow field tips
  • Crossbow maintenance kit (string wax, lubricant)
  • Foot stirrup
  • Cable saver
  • Pro-View 2 crossbow scope
  • Assembly DVD video
  • Owner’s manual and warranty
  • Assembly bolts, screws and keys

Since the riser comes already string, there’s no need for you to purchase a stringer (although you’ll need one to replace the string

in the future).

Assembling The Lazer HP

Just follow the assembly instructions and you’ll be finished in less than 20 minutes. Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  1. Attaching the riser to the crossbow stock and securing it.
  2. Attaching the foot stirrup.
  3. Mounting the Pro-View 2 scope and attaching the quiver mounting platform.

You’ll also need to fit the cable saver, which will enhance the durability and performance of the eccentric system.

First Impressions: Design, Comfort, Safety

  • The foot stirrup is shiny and very large.
  • The riser and flight rail are machined from aluminum and both look and feel super durable.
  • Very large and sturdy limb pockets.
  • HP cams fitted onto the split limbs. The limb design allows for faster acceleration and energy release during the shot.
  • Grip and foregrip are exceptionally comfortable and will fit hands of all sizes very nicely.
  • Solid arrow retainer with perfect “memory” – does not lose rigidity or flexibility with time.
  • The GripSafety button on the foregrip does an excellent job at helping keep your thumb and fingers safe and away from thecrossbow string.
  • Very large shoulder plate, sits very well and comfortably against the shooter’s body.
  • Strong and tight connection between all the elements; nothing comes loose and there’s no need for frequent re-tightening of boltsand screws.

Overall: perfect in every way.

Trigger Assembly

  • Mesaured it a few times and the average trigger pressure was 3.28 lbs.
  • Short trigger travel
  • Very clean trigger break, does not negatively impact aim in any way.
  • The texture of the trigger has a very nice feel to it – as if extra work went into making it extra polished.

Overall: reliable and smooth.

Shooting Speed And Kinetic Energy (KE)

  • Speed is advertised at 313 FPS. Chrono tests performed in my backyard show effective speed to be 314 FPS, using the aluminum arrowsthat came with the Lazer HP.
  • Point-blank kinetic energy is approximately 75 ft-lbs, depending on the weight of the arrows you use.

Overall: it’s rare to find a crossbow that shoots faster than advertised (even if only slightly faster). Huge plus!

How Accurate Is The TenPoint Lazer HP?

  • You’ll be able to comfortably hit targets from 60 yards away, after acquiring some experience. Complete beginners will stillshoot very accurately (2″ groups) from over 40 yards.
  • Fantastic scope included with the package, very accurate and reliable.
  • Somewhat heavy; you might be a little “shaky” at first when shooting. Once you adjust to the weight though, the Lazer HP willfeel very balanced and easy to aim.
  • Comfortable foregrip and stock butt allow you to focus your full attention on hitting the target.
  • Trigger action is good enough so as not to interfer with accuracy in any way.

Overall: highly accurate at up to 60 yards.

Arrows For The TenPoint Lazer HP Crossbow

  • 20″ aluminum arrows will be perfect, ideally between 400 and 450 grain if you aren’t sure what to get.
  • Carbon arrows are fine as well, and in that case they can be as long as 22″.
  • Whenever uncertain, get some of TenPoint’s arrows – either 20″ or 22″. They will work perfectly fine with the Lazer HP.

A Few Words About The Lazer HP Scope

  • The included Pro-View 2 is one of the best scopes ever made for a crossbow.
  • It has 3 reticles + 1 extra dot at the bottom, letting you shoot accurately at 4 different distances (20, 30, 40 and 50yd.).
  • Provides for a very clean and crisp view, with barely any blurring at the edges.
  • Will survive pretty much anything the weather throws at it, including heavy rain and snow.
  • Does not require constant adjustments like other, average-quality scopes.

Overall: you likely won’t ever need to replace this scope.

Is This a Good Crossbow For Beginners?

Most beginners will opt not to go for the TenPoint Lazer HP, due to the steep price. If money isn’t a problem though, there’s no way¬†a beginner will be disappointed with this purchase:

  • High accuracy and shooting comfort.
  • Enough KE and speed for absolutely ANY beginner’s requirements.
  • Beginner-friendly trigger action.
  • Quality components that require no constant maintenance.
  • A scope that’s worth every praise it gets.
  • Safe to use

Is The TenPoint Lazer HP Suitable For Hunters?

  • Kinetic Energy is high enough to take down deer and elk from over 50 yards if necessary.
  • Larger game such as cape buffalo can also be taken down, although you’ll need to take your shot from a shorter distance (20 yardsmax). If you want to go for this type of game though, better get a faster crossbow with a minimum of 330 FPS.
  • Short enough to allow for easy maneuverability in the field.

Where To Buy The Lazer HP?

Check out Amazon.com’s price on the Lazer HP before purchasing.

Thanks for reading our review and happy shooting!

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