Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review

The following Arrow Precision Inferno Fury review was written by Matt Huntley.


Inferno FurySpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

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235 FPS175 lbs.31"4.48 lbs.7/10


  • Fantastic value for the money
  • Ideal choice for beginners on a tight budget


  • For the most part is not suitable for hunting.
  • Very slow as far as crossbows go (gets tricky to aim past 40 yards).

Package Contents

As time goes by, Arrow Precision will sometime include additional items in a package. With that said, all packages bought after 2012 will include the parts and items listed below:

  • The Inferno Fury Crossbow (with extra backup string)
  • Four 16″ aluminum arrows
  • Target field points
  • Arrow quiver
  • Red-dot crossbow sight
  • Iron sight
  • String wax
  • Shoulder sling for carrying the crossbow
  • Cocking aid (rope)
  • Owner’s manual & 1 year limited warranty
  • Assembly bolts and keys

Assembling The Inferno Fury

Recurve crossbows are easy to assemble, which is a big plus from a beginner’s perspective. My Inferno Fury came unstrung, so I had to attach the string before proceeding with assembly. If you’ve never done this before, just follow the assembly section within the owner’s manual:

  1. Place the limb protectors at the tips of the limbs.
  2. Secure the prod to the stock
  3. Attach the foot cocking stirrup
  4. Mount the red-dot scope

Please only use the assembly keys supplied with the package.

First Impressions: Limbs, Trigger, Safety Features, Design

  • Ultra-light weight – 4.8 lbs. without the sight / quiver! One of the lightest crossbows on the market.
  • At 31″ in length, it’s also one of the smallest and most compact x-bows you can get.
  • The rear stock is surprisingly comfortable and dispenses recoil very well, mostly due to its relatively large size.
  • Limbs are made of fiberglass – a light-weight and durable material. I’ve had no issues with them during the 2 years me and my son have been shooting the Fury.
  • The safety mechanism is ambidextrous.
  • The foregrip is surprisingly comfortable – something I did not expect in a crossbow as cheap as this one. It has a thumb guard as well.
  • The foregrip is also so low that it’s really easy to keep your fingers away from the flight rail and hence helps prevent injury.
  • Trigger pressure felt somewhat light, but that’s fine given the relatively slow shooting speeds of the Inferno Fury. The trigger is overall responsive and does the job.

Overall: a surprisingly well-designed crossbow. For the price, I really expected the quality to be much worse. If your budget is very tight, then there’s absolutely nothing better on the market in this price range, as far as design quality, durability, and safety go.

Shooting Speed and Kinetic Energy Inferno Fury

  • The crossbow is rated at 235 FPS shooting speed.
  • Using the 16″ aluminum arrows provided, my chronograph test resulted in 231 FPS.
  • Using the same arrows, point-blank kinetic energy was slightly below 40 ft-lbs.

Overall: definitely a slow crossbow, and doesn’t deliver a lot of KE.

Shooting Accuracy of The Inferno Fury

  • The included red-dot sight is of decent quality, though you will likely want to replace it for something a little better (maybe a multi-reticle scope) a few months down the line.
  • Since it’s comfortable to hold (due to the ergonomic foregrip), it’s easy to aim as well.
  • Due to the slow shooting speeds though, I would not recommend shooting at targets located more than 30, maybe 40 yards away.

Overall: performs very well and is accurate to shoot at relatively close range. If you’re planning to do some long-range shooting (40+ yards), the Inferno Fury is definitely not the crossbow to buy.

Arrows For The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

  • The package comes with 16″ aluminum arrows. They are quite fragile and hence please make sure not to shoot them into a hard surface as they will almost certainly break.
  • You can also use 20″ carbon arrows if you want.
  • Since the crossbow is slow-shooting, you can get away with using lighter-than-average arrows if needed; going as low as 300 grain should not be a problem at all.
  • Remember to include the weight of the field point / broadheads when calculating the weight of the arrow.
  • If you want to take the guess work out of it, simply use some of the arrows sold by Arrow Precision (16″ aluminums or 20″ carbons).

The Inferno Fury Crossbow Sight

  • The package included a decent 3-red dot sight.
  • Sighting took me around 10 minutes total.
  • The sight will hold zero fairly well, however expect to make slight windage and elevation adjustments from time to time so make sure to keep a coin or screwdriver with you at all times for turning the adjustment knobs.
  • Optics are decent and the red dots are very bright.
  • The sight comes with a CR3032 battery, which assuming daily use should last youa goo 6 months.

Overall: a decent crossbow for the price of the Fury package. Just don’t expect miracles, as high quality crossbow scopes typically cost more than the whole Inferno Fury package does. The sight will do its job for the most part, though as you gain experience you’ll probably want to replace it for a multi-reticle scope with better optics, magnification, and better light-gathering capabilities. At that point, however, you’ll probably want to get a new crossbow anyway, as you’ll want more speed and power.

Is The Inferno Fury a Good Crossbow For Beginners?

Everything about this x-bow makes it an ideal choice for a beginner:

  • It’s super cheap
  • It’s VERY light-weight and short
  • It’s really comfortable to hold and hence easy to aim
  • Comes with decent safety features (anti-dry fire, thumb guard)

Overall: the best beginner crossbow for anyone on a super-tight budget.

Is This Crossbow Suitable For Hunting Purposes?

  • Due to the slow shooting speed / low kinetic energy, it’s really not a good choice for those interested in hunting.
  • You’ll be able to take down the smallest game (groundhog, rabbit, etc.). Anything bigger than that will most likely be out of your reach.
  • You might be able to take down a relatively small deer with it, assuming you land your shot with 100% precision and that you aren’t shooting from further than 25 yards. I wouldn’t count on it though.

Overall: the Inferno Fury is definitely not a hunting crossbow, by a long shot.

How Long Can You Expect The String To Last?

Assuming you wax the string regularly, it should last a good 400-500 shots before a replacement is required. Remember that the package includes one additional replacement string, which means you’ll probably squeeze out close to 100 arrows before having to buy a new string.

Is It Difficult To Buy Spare Parts For The Inferno Fury?

Absolutely not! Replacement string, extra rope cocking aid, string wax and rail lube can all be bought online at a cheap price.

Where To Buy The Inferno Fury?

It’s always a good idea to check the most current price on before buying a crossbow, and the same holds true for the Inferno Fury. Local archery and sports shop, particularly Cabelas, may also carry the Inferno Fury.

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