TenPoint Maverick HP Review

This TenPoint Maverick HP review was prepared by Thomas Lipsey.


TenPoint Maverick HPSpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
TenPoint Maverick HP

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325 FPS175 lbs.39.1"7.35 lbs.9.5/10


  • Fast and very accurate
  • Excellent scope
  • Compact design for a compound crossbow
  • Really comfortable foregrip and shoulder plate
  • Patented ACUDraw cocking aid
  • Very good balance


  • A little loud
  • Not cheap – just like all TenPoint crossbows

Package Contents

  • The TenPoint Maverick HP compound crossbow
  • String, cables, cams
  • The awesome Pro-View 2 scope
  • ACUdraw cocking aid
  • XX75 20″ aluminum arrows (three)
  • Three arrow practice field tips
  • Arrow quiver
  • String maintenance kit
  • Owner’s manual & warranty card
  • DVD with assembly video
  • Assembly bolts and wrenches

Assembling The Maverick HP

Doesn’t matter if you’ve never even seen a crossbow before – you’ll be able to assemble this one quickly, thanks to the tutorial videos on the DVD included with the package. You’ll be doing the following:

  1. Attach quiver mount to stock.
  2. Attach riser to stock.
  3. Attack cocking stirrup.
  4. Mount and secure the crossbow scope.

Very easy stuff.

First Impressions: Design, Comfort, Safety Features

  • Not only is the foregrip wide and very ergonomic; it’s position can also be adjusted as you slide it back and forth to suit your own requirements and arm length. One of the best foregrips I’ve seen.
  • Large shoulder plate – no pain or noticeable recoil in the shouldr area.
  • Split limbs sit very tightly inside the limb pockets, while at the same time not vibrating excessively during the shot.
  • Compound crossbows often tend to tip downwards while aiming, due to the extra weight of the eccentric system. In the Maverick HP this issue has been remedied, as the bulk of the weight has been shifted towards the shooter.
  • The stock is very slick compared to other x-bows, and the camo finish is absolutely beautiful.
  • Foot stirrup was designed for maximum friction, making it pretty much impossible for it to slip from underneath your foot while cocking the crossbow.
  • Arrow retainer does not lose tension as time goes by, and holds the arrow with consistent force.
  • Very good anti-dry fire (ADF) mechanism will prevent you from pulling the trigger unless an arrow is seated in the flight rail. No need to worry about the ADF disengaging by accident.

Overall: absolutely nothing bad to say at this point.

Trigger Assembly

  • Tested trigger pull and the result shows 3.48 lbs.
  • Relatively long trigger travel distance, but very consistent.
  • Smooth action even in very cold weather.
  • As mentioned earlier, it includes an anti-dry fire mechanism. Safety is fairly loud when disengaged, though you can silence it considerably by using two fingers (thumb and index) when moving the safety lever, hence exerting more pressure from both sides of the safety and preventing it from “jumping” and making a noise. Though not an ideal solution, it’s good to keep this in mind as a possibility.

Overall: high quality trigger, comparable to those in Parker’s crossbows.

Shooting Speed And Kinetic Energy (KE)

  • Advertised shooting speed (with 425 grain arrows) is 325 FPS.
  • My chronograph test (3 arrows, average taken) returned 320 FPS.
  • Kinetic Energy at point-blank range using 425 grain arrows was 95 ft-lbs.

Overall: very powerful crossbow, especially given the price.

Accuracy of The Maverick HP

  • It was sighted right out of the package.
  • Light-weight and very balance design (bulk of the weight shifted towards the shooter) make it easy to aim without any jerky motions.
  • Trigger action is smooth, helping you shoot consistently (as soon as you get used to the somewhat long trigger travel).
  • Beginners can shoot very accurately from 40+ yards away, and well over 50+ yards (while maintaining 2″ arrow groups) after some practice.

Overall: the Maverick HP makes it really easy to put out consistent and accurate shots.

Cocking With The ACUDraw

  • It’s a very small and light-weight device attached to the back of the crossbow stock.
  • By extending the cables from the ACUDraw and hooking the clamps to the string, it allows you to draw the crossbow with less than 12 lbs. of force
  • It’s pretty much the same as having a crank cocking device, only the ACUDraw is super small, light, and can be left permanently attached to the crossbow.
  • Please remember that the ACUDraw system is somewhat loud.
  • If needed, the ACUDraw box can be quickly and easily removed.

Arrows For The TenPoint Maverick HP

  • The crossbow is best suited for shooting 20″ arrows, although 22″ ones will work as well.
  • Package includes 3 aluminum arrows that can take a beating, although you shoul definitely get some extra arrows with your purchase (having only three can get somewhat annoying).
  • Carbon arrows will work just as well as aluminum ones, although they are generally more expensive. If you’re hunting, you’ll probably like carbons more (although this is often a matter of personal preference).
  • Keep the weight of your arrows above 350 grain total. Basically, any 20″ TenPoint crossbow arrows will be a perfect match for the Maverick HP.

Quality of The Maverick HP Scope

  • The TenPoinx 3X Pro-View 2 scope is one of the finest models you can have on a crossbow.
  • 3 reticles in total plus an extra dot below the reticles lets you shoot very accurately at the 20, 30, 40 and 50 yard range.
  • Fog, water and vibration resistant. You don’t need to worry about the conditions outdoors – the scope will take it all.
  • Each cross-hair can be illuminated, either green or red, with five different illumination settings. You can also adjust the brightness of the illuminated dots. Hunting in low-light conditions is particularly comfortable with this scope.
  • No fogginess around the field of view and very good eye relief.

Overall: really excellent quality.

Is The Maverick HP Good For Beginners?

  • Since it’s light and durable, beginners will have no trouble handling, aiming it, and will not need to devote time to maintenance (except for waxing the string and lubricating the rail).
  • Provides more than enough speed and kinetic energy for anything a beginner might want to do
  • Very safe to use and reliable foot stirrup that will not slide from underneath your shoe.
  • Solid trigger action that doesn’t require a lot of getting used to.
  • Excellent scope

Overall: a very good crossbow for any beginer archer.

Is The Maverick HP Good For Hunting?

  • Kinetic Energy output is high enough to take down the largest game in the world (including buffalo) from a good 30+ yards away.
  • Only 7.2 lbs. total weight and 39″ length – maneuverable in the woods and a hunting blind / tree-stand.
  • Very accurate at the most common hunting ranges (15 to 40 yards).
  • It is somewhat noisy when shot.

Overall: a very good hunting crossbow, though for this price I’d prefer getting the Barnett Ghost 410. While a little loud, it makes up with speed.

How Long Before You Need To Replace The String?

I’ve shot a good 900+ arrows from the Maverick HP so far and there are no noticeable signs of string wear. Can’t really say how long it will last, but I expect it to be similar to what I’ve experienced with other TenPoint crossbows, which is around 1200 arrows.

Where To Buy The Maverick HP?

This isn’t a cheap crossbow – check out the current price on Amazon.com. If you are experienced with a compound crossbow and know how to properly assess its condition, you can also try your luck at eBay and go for a used unit – this is definitely not the recommended approach for beginners though.

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