Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow Review

The following Barnett Ghost 410 review was prepared by Martin Ferguson.


Barnett Ghost 410SpeedDraw WeightLengthWeightRating
Barnett Ghost 410

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410 FPS185 lbs.37.4"7.3 lbs.10/10


  • Over 400 FPS shoting speed
  • Over 145 ft-lbs of kinetic energy
  • Balanced construction, very easy to aim, accurate
  • Great for beginners and advanced shooters alike
  • The best crossbow I’ve ever used


  • None in my opinion

Table of Contents

Package Contents

The contents of the Ghost 410 package have not changed over the months, and each box you buy will include the following:

  • The Barnett Ghost 410 compound crossbow
  • 22″ Easton arrows (three)
  • Field tips for the arrows
  • Arrow quiver
  • Cocking device (rope)
  • Barnett’s crossbow sling
  • 4-reticle illuminated scope
  • Life-time warranty & owner’s manual
  • String wax
  • Assembly screws and keys

Pretty much everything you need to get started hunting is included.

Assembling The Barnett Ghost 410

This is one of the easiest compound bows to assemble since the cocking stirrup is built-into the riser. You’ll basically just need to do the following, as per the assembly instructions included:

  1. Attach the riser to the stock
  2. Screw in the arrow quiver mount
  3. Mount the scope

5-10 minutes is all it takes, even if this is your first crossbow.

First Impressions: Design, Limbs, Riser, Safety

  • Anti-dry fire safety feature is included to prevent you from accidentally damaging your crossbow.
  • The CRT, ultra-light carbon riser is very special. Hands down the sturdiest and lightest riser I’ve ever seen on a crossbow. Barnett claims it can survive over 1,000 instances of dry-firing, which is insane if you think about it. (No, I haven’t tested to see if it’s true.)
  • The composite laminates are both beautiful and do a great job of minimizing vibration. Since the limbs will face less air resistance due to the split design, they move approximately 1.5% faster than other types of limbs. This contributes towards the enormous shooting speed of the Ghost 410.
  • The fore-grip is comfortable and the surface is moisture-resistant and helps keep your palm warm when shooting outdoors in colder weather. It also makes it very easy to keep your fingers away from the flight rail, which will help beginners perfect proper shooting form and prevent injury.
  • You can adjust the length of the included rope cocking aid, so it can be used by anyone regardless of their height and anatomy.
  • The arrow quiver remains very securely in place and does not loosen or shake due to the vibration generated during the shot, which can be a problem with other crossbows.
  • A very large shoulder plate makes this x-bow super-comfortable to aim for as long as you need to, without feeling any discomfort in the shoulder area.
  • Due to the super-light carbon riser, it’s easy to hold the crossbow very steadily. The bulk of the weight is located near the shooter’s body, significantly enhancing accuracy.

Overall: this crossbow was built to last a life-time; not something you will need to replace a few years down the line. It feels and holds like a quality rifle.

Trigger Action

  • Advertised trigger pressure is 3.5 lbs.
  • My measurements indicated the actual pressure is closer to 3.4 lbs., which is just fine but thought I’d mention it.
  • You’ll need to lubricate the trigger assembly a little more often than with other crossbows to keep the pull as smooth as possible.

Shooting Speed and Kinetic Energy (KE)

  • Advertised shooting speed is 410 FPS. According to my tests with the included 22″ arrows, the speed was 406 FPS.
  • Advertised point-blank kinetic energy is 149 ft-lbs. My tests indicated it’s closer to 146 ft-lbs.

Accuracy of The Barnett Ghost 410

  • The weight distribution on the crossbow makes it shockingly easy to aim.
  • The scope included with the package is right up there with the best crossbow scopes you can get
  • Even if you’ve never handled a crossbow before, you’ll probably be able to hit 2″ circles from over 60 yards, after only a few days of practice.

Overall: the most accurate crossbow I’ve ever handled.

Arrows For The Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow

  • The 22″ Easton arrows included with the package will take a beating, despite the 410 FPS shooting speed and power this crossbow delivers.
  • If you want to buy extra arrows, make sure they are 22″ long and preferably from carbon, as you’ll need the extra durability given the kinetic energy your arrows will carry.
  • 400 grain arrows (including field tips) are the standard within the crossbow industry. Given the speed of the Ghost, there’s no need to go beyond or below that value, since accuracy and energy output with a 400 grain arrow are beyond what you will need anyway.

The Barnett Ghost 410 Scope

  • The crossbow came sighted right out of the box.
  • Four-reticles total (20, 30, 40, 50 yards).
  • Fog and water resistant. It successfully survived the onslaught of heavy rain for well over two hours.
  • Very solid optics with enough light gathering to provide a clear view of your target with no other source of light than the moon. See what the scope looks like.
  • Lack of any noticeable blurring around the edges.
  • The reticles are easily distinguishable from the background / target.

Overall: this is the type of scope you would usually upgrade to if you bought a cheaper crossbow with an average scope. Really nothing bad to say about it.

Should Beginner’s Buy The Barnett Ghost 410?

The only reason a beginner might not want to buy the Ghost 410 is the price tag. Most beginners prefer to get a cheaper model to test the waters, which is perfectly understood. Aside from that though, this crossbow is perfectly suitable for a beginner. Here’s why:

  • The overall quality is so high you will never need to upgrade.
  • It’s more than fast for any target practice or hunting you’ll ever want to do.
  • Shooting accuracy is very high, making a beginner enjoy the sport immediately.
  • Low weight and relatively short length make it easy for a beginner to handle.
  • All the included accessories are of the highest quality, so you won’t need to replace the scope or get a new trigger assembly after a short while.

Overall: everything about this crossbow makes it suitable for beginners. At the same time though, advanced shooters will be able to squeeze the Ghost 410 for even more.

Can You Hunt With The Ghost 410?

  • This is in my opinion the most suitable piece of hunting archery equipment available on the market.
  • The 146 ft-lbs. of KE at point-blank range (around 140 ft-lbs at 40 yards) is double what you would need to harvest a cape buffalo or ox. There’s no game on the planet you can’t take down with the Ghost.
  • High accuracy let’s you take successful shots from a further distance than you normally would on a hunting trip.
  • Due to the size and weight, it’s very easy to handle in places with restricted maneuvering space (stand, blind, tent, etc.).

Overall: you can’t go wrong with this crossbow in any hunting scenario imaginable.

Quality Of The Included String

  • After shooting well over 1000 arrows, there is still no serving separation and I’m still using the same string.
  • It’s still a good idea to buy a backup string and keep it with you at all times, just in case something unexpected were to happen. Nothing hurts more than having to wait a few days before a new string is delivered!
  • Keep the string constantly waxes; I can’t stress this enough in the case of such a fast crossbow.

Where To Buy The Barnett Ghost 410?

You’ll either want to check at your local pro shops and compare prices, or make your purchase only. You can check’s price on the Ghost 410, and also read some reviews there from other people who have bought and used this crossbow.

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    Tom Up April 8, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Ditto on everything said in this review. My ten year old can handle this crossbow. We turkey hunt together.

  2. Reply
    David Gates December 5, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    My comment is actually a question. Can a pistol fore grip added to the Ghost 410?

  3. Reply
    Brad October 9, 2017 at 4:48 pm

    What type of Easton arrows come with the bow? I’m trying to find a lighted nock that fits while my bow is shipped.

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