PSE Stalker Review

The following PSE Stalker review was written by John Kopiecki.


PSE StalkerDrawBow WeightBow LengthTake-downRating
PSE Stalker

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40, 45, 50, 55 lbs.2.84 lbs.60"Yes7.8/10


  1. Excellent bow for beginners!
  2. Suitable for all average sized people (5.6 – 6.1 feet tall).
  3. Well-priced
  4. Has low vibration and has reliability of a mid-range product.
  5. All-weather bow, easy to handle for targeting and hunting


  1. High-maintenance
  2. Just one color to choose from.
  3. Not suitable for long-range shooting (35+ yards)

PSE Stalker Package Contents

Our package arrived with the following items inside the box:

  1. The PSE Stalker bow
  2. Carry Case
  3. Riser, limbs and bow string
  4. Assembly manual
  5. Warranty card and attachment bolts for the limbs.

Make sure to get a stringer for the bow separately.

Assembling the PSE Stalker

The assembly process is exactly the same as with any recurve bow:

  1. After unboxing the package, attach the limbs to the riser by locking the bolts tightly into place using the Allen key
  2. Use a bow stringer or follow our manual to firmly attach the bow string to the limbs and start shooting!

Remember: this bow is a beginner’s recurve, so the parts are relatively delicate (though very durable when properly used). DO NOT apply a lot of pressure to tighten the bolts. Making it too tight will result in fatigue of the limbs.

The PSE Stalker Grip

  • This bow does not have a grip per se. There is no rubber or leather surface for you to rest your bow hand.
  • Comfort is not the main issue for a beginner archer. You can buy gripping gloves from any archery store and this should significantly reduce the chances of any blisters developing and improve your performance.
  • Also, a good glove will allow you to have a sturdy grip, which is important for helping you reduce the perceived hand-shock.

Quality of The PSE Stalker Riser

  • As mentioned earlier, the riser is made of hardwood. Marketed as a serious hunting bow by PSE, it is actually more suitable for beginners than it is for advanced archers.
  • The riser is ergonomic and suitable for both left- and right-handed shooters. It’s fully capable of handling long practice sessions without any losses in durability.
  • My Stalker is over six months old, and it has maintained accuracy, although it does require frequent tuning. Since the riser is not metallic, it cannot handle higher draw weights, so use weights in between 35 lbs – 50 lbs. The lifetime of this recurve will be reduced significantly if you go above this weight.
  • You can oil the limbs and riser every month and polish them once every six months to keep them in mint shape.

Quality of The Limbs

  • I’ve expected to see hard plastic, which is popularly used in the recurve bows in the similar price range. Luckily, the limbs of PSE Stalker are made of hardened maple and Macore wood. Wooden limbs are much better at handling stresses and have a much higher shelf life if maintained properly.
  • On the other hand, wooden limbs can be slightly unreliable. The quality of each piece of wood is different and unique depending on the manufactured piece; like the human fingerprint; this can introduce fluctuations in quality. From whatt I know, PSE does honor its product warranty, so any issue should be immediately fixed by the company.
  • Overall length of the bow is 60’’, and the bow performs optimally in the 27-30″ draw length range. Going for a higher draw length again decreases the lifespan of the bow, as it is more of a beginner product and doesn’t have the “safety” measures used in flagship recurve bows.

What String To Use On The PSE Stalker

  • I recommend you change the string of the Stalker after around 6000 arrows. We’ve had approximately 7,000 arrows shot through the factory string and there are already signs of deterioration visible.
  • Buy a Dacron B50 string after you are done with the factory one. A quality third party string will reduce stacking (increase in stresses on the limbs during the draw cycle). Use the factory string and get used to what it feels like before switching to something more complex though.
  • You should restring the bow at least once a week, and preferably remove the string after every shooting session. This is like tuning the guitar before you start playing.
  • The Stalker’s limbs will happily accommodate Flemish strings.

Accuracy of PSE Stalker

  • Beginner or not, this bow delivers more than what is expected of it. During paper tuning, after 10 – 15 shots, I was able to get pinpoint accuracy at short range (25 – 35 yards) on a draw weight of 40 lbs.
  • Since I’m definitely more experienced than the average shooter, for the purpose of this review I asked two relative amateurs with little shooting experience to give the Stalker a go. The results were better than expected: both people adjusted quickly to the bow, and the accuracy kept getting better from one arrow to another.
  • Long range accuracy is highly unpredictable (>40 yards). This can be somewhat remedied by using carbon fiber arrows.
  • Wind tuning is impossible at long distances with any beginner’s bow, and the stalker is no exception.

Arrows for PSE Stalker

  • I recommend using carbon arrows for optimal performance. Fiberglass and wooden arrows usually last shorter and are less reliable at longer distances, even though they are cheaper.
  • Remember, the qualities for each type of arrow are different, so every time you try new arrows you need to tune the bow again.
  • To select specific arrows, please see our guide to choosing arrows.

Is the PSE Stalker Good For Hunting?

  • This recurve is maneuverable through the densest of jungles. The weight, size and noise level make it a great hunting bow at close range.
  • Though the noise is reduced due to lower draw length availability, you cannot expect to hit birds or rabbits from more than 30 yards away without extreme tuning and some serious skills.
  • As for short -range hunting, the bow is a pleasure to shoot. The accuracy is brilliant between at up to 35 yards, assuming you get the 40 lbs. or a heavier version.
  • The draw cycle is smooth and comparable to more expensive bows, such as the Martin Saber.

Is This a Good Beginner’s Bow?

This is a bow made for beginners. Both hunters and target practicing enthusiasts will find out that this is great bow to learn with. Once you gain more experience as a hunter and learn how to squeeze the Stalker for all its worth, you can go for flagship recurves that will be better-suited for your specific hunting needs.

Overall: for this price, a beginner cannot ask for more.

Where To Buy The PSE Stalker

Check current price on Local pro shops are also a possibility as well, as long as you have one in your area – make sure to call them beforehand however and ask if they have the bow in stock, as it’s often unavailable.

The Verdict

  • The bow is definitely suitable for any beginner’s needs. For the money you pay, it is one of the best on the market.
  • No variety in colors would certainly be a factor for the younger William Tells’.
  • Brilliant bow for short range shooting, and a very decent bow for beginner hunters.
  • Note: Maintain and polish your recurve from time to time. Some people take their equipment for granted and expect the lower end bows to deliver the same quality as flagship products, which unfortunately isn’t the case.

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    Renier Bramley September 24, 2016 at 3:42 am

    Quiestion. Need to replace the limbs of my PSE Stalker. Broke one. Where can I get them.

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