PSE Coyote Review

This PSE Coyote review was written by John Kopiecki.


PSE CoyoteDrawBow WeightBow LengthTake-downRating
PSE Coyote

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40 - 55 lbs.2.94 lbs.60"Yes9.1/10


  • Customizable par infinity.
  • Good build quality.
  • A fast, all-weather recurve.
  • Price. It is cheaper than some of the higher-end recurves that offer similar value.


  • Not a great choice for beginners.

Package Contents

My order came with the following items inside a carry case.

  • Riser and limbs
  • Bow string
  • Warranty card
  • User manual

You will need to purchase a bow stringer to be able to safely string the bow.

PSE Coyote Assembly

  • Secure the limbs to the riser using the provided bolts
  • Use the bow stringer to attach the string to the limbs.
  • Make sure there are no loose parts after you are done with the assembly. Some of our readers assemble the bow sitting on a bed or a chair. This is wrong due to the fact that the limbs will be at slightly different angles once you place the bow on a flat surface. To assemble, always stand up and place the recurve on a table and check if the bow rests without wobbling after you are done.

PSE Coyote Grip

  • The grip is a firm plastic rest on the riser. Plastic rests seem to be more popular than leather or rubber grips in mid-priced recurves.
  • I strongly recommend using a shooting glove with this bow, as the grip tends to stick to the hand, especially in hot weather.
  • The bow is not ambidextrous, so you need to choose whether you want a left- or right-handed model.
  • There is no grip torque to speak of, which improves shooting accuracy.

PSE Coyote Riser Quality

  • This bow is designed to host a variety of accessories, from recurve stabilizers, through sights, to quivers and plungers. All the holes and attachment slots are machined to allow for sophisticated customization of your bow. You can feel free to install as many accessories as you like without worrying that the bow will lose its balance.
  • The riser is made of aluminum. You can add an arrow rest if you’d like to shoot from a higher position. The additional accessory holes do not reduce the riser’s durability in anyway. You will of course need to re-tune the bow each time you add a new accessory to it, but that shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.
  • The riser is light-weight but durable; no signs of wear or any cracks after shooting well over 20 000 arrows.

The PSE Coyote Limbs

  • The limbs are made of hardwood, and can be quickly detached from the riser. Wooden limbs and metallic risers form a great pair, as they provide for high durability and reduced vibration at the same time.
  • No limb twisting after over a year of shooting.
  • Any good bow string can be used on those limbs.

Accuracy of The PSE Coyote

  • Accuracy remains excellent even at long distances, particularly when using a lower brace height (slightly above 5″). The accuracy is reliable up to 60 yards.
  • With the proper draw weight, you can use this bow to hunt all types of game, including elk and larger animals.
  • I’ve tested both a 45 and a 55 lbs. versions of this bow and both felt equally accurate once properly tuned.
  • It’s accurate enough to allow for comfortable instinctive shooting, as long as your aim allows for it. Other archers have had similar experiences.
  • Adding some string silencers and a limb hush kit to reduce vibration even further will improve quality even further.

Arrows for PSE Coyote

  • To me, Carbon arrows are always the best with any recurve bows, except for the lower-end bows.
  • Avoid wooden and fiberglass arrows, particularly if you go for the higher draw weight, as they will not last for long given the forces involved.
  • Wooden arrows will need regular sharpening and fletching, which is another reason I tend to avoid them.
  • Make sure to check out our arrow selection guide to choose the perfect arrows for your specific needs.

Is the PSE Coyote Suitable For Beginner Archers?

This is not a great bow for beginners, mostly because there’s some stacking involved, so you will need to know how to ‘compensate’ this. Experienced archers will hardly feel a thing, as they are accustomed to this phenomenon, but beginners will take several months to get the feel of adjusting their arms and twitching the fingers before releasing.

If you are dead-on serious about archery, then you can go for the Coyote. Otherwise, get a beginner’s recurve.

Will Hunters Like The Coyote?

  • Add some string silencers, a bow sight, and you’ll have an amazing hunting experience.
  • The PSE Coyote is a hunter’s bow in every way imaginable: it is light, it is maneuverable, has a fast and smooth release, and it’s quality does not degrade in the 45+ lbs. models.
  • You can harvest game from long range (35+ yards) without having to think about noise or vibration as they can be easily mitigated with no more than a pair of string silencers.
  • You can feel free to use heavier-than-average arrows when hunting with the Coyote (450 grain or even more), and it will remain accurate at long range due to great energy dispersion.

Remember that you need at least 40 lbs. to take down deer, and 45 lbs. or more for elk and larger game.

Where To Buy The Coyote?

As always I will recommend checking out’s price on this bow. Alternatively you an find it in an archery pro shop in your area, although you should first call them to see if it’s available. Finally, GanderMountain sometimes carries this bow, too.


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