Hoyt GameMaster 2 Review

The following Hoyt GameMaster 2 review was prepared by Andrew Cummings.


Hoyt GameMaster 2DrawBow WeightBow LengthTake-downRating
Hoyt Gamemaster 2

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40-55 lbs.2.93 lbs.62"Yes9.2/10


  • The build quality is simply superb.
  • Very very accurate. Notice the second ‘very’?
  • Excellent for beginners, casual shooters and target practicing.
  • Smooth and reliable while being aggressively complex and neat.


  • Lacks a bow stringer in the package

Package Contents:

My Hoyt Gamemaster II came with the following:

  • The bow itself
  • Carrying Case
  • Arrow quiver
  • Owner’s manual
  • 4. Warranty card

Assembling the Hoyt Gamemaster II

The assembly is quite simple:

  1. The bow arrives in the carrying case including the riser, limbs and bow string.
  2. Attach each of the elements into their respective locations; i.e. limbs to riser and tighten them using an Allen key, and then attach the bow string to the limbs using a stringer.
  3. That’s all – you’re ready to shoot.

Quality of The Grip

  • The Hoyt Gamemaster II is a high-end recurve bow. The palm grip is made from leather and the fingers rest on the well-polished metalic finish of the riser.
  • You will have to find the proper wrist positioning for an optimal grip, which is different for every shooter.
  • Overall, for any beginner or a seasoned archer, the grip should lasts more than two years (my bow’s age is over 30 months since 2011) without showing any signs of wear. It is comfortable for long shooting sessions.
  • Hoyt Gamemaster II Riser Quality
  • The metallic finish on a maple wood is a desirable pro on any recurve bow you can get your hands on. The riser is durable and light-weight, more than capable of withstanding an accidental fall from a tree stand.
  • The design is patented and has Hoyt’s logo; the color scheme is black on both the wooden and the camo finish versions, and the grip makes it very easy to tune the bow to your shooting style.
  • The riser is the first thing I pay attention to when choosing what recurve bow to buy next, and I believe you should also consider it carefully. There are basically several different types of risers. Each one is unique in its own way, but there are certain ones that stand out like Hoyt Gamemaster II’s signature design.
  • Most recurve risers are designed around the model of the traditional “elven” bow or the first bows that came into existence around the 7th century B.C. Until the past few decades, the riser always remained convex and at a “fixed” angle to accustom limb attachment. Now, with advancements in machining and technology, ergonomics and complexity in structure can be added to recurve bows, which is precisely what you’ll see on this bow.

Overall: the riser has all the best features in terms of build quality, is technically advanced and provides for a wonderful drive-through with every arrow you release.

Hoyt Gamemaster II Bow String

  • The factory bow string is what I have used in my review. It has passed on through at least three families (most of the bows I review change hands a few times, until I ‘feel’ it’s the right time to review the bow), and so far it has not shown any decrease in quality despite a good 10 000 arrows being shot through it.
  • With prolonged usage the string will become somewhat loose and you’ll experience serving separation sooner or later; once that happens, you must replace the string for a new one – do not wait for it to break.
  • Overall, there is no urgent need to replace the default string; however if you want to try other strings, I recommend the B-50 Dacron, which lasts longer and is more reliable and faster than most other strings. The FastFlight Flemish however is THE best string that I know of, and you can comfortably use it with the GameMaster II as well.

Accuracy of the Hoyt Gamemaster II

  • I find the bow is somewhat more useful for target practice when compared to hunting, due of its extremely smooth contours and a very comfortable draw and release.
  • Though it is as good for hunting, the reliability of the Gamemaster II is reduced over longer distances when compared to hardcore hunting recurves in this price range.
  • The ergonomics and design makes the Hoyt Gamemaster a pleasure to hold, and drawing larger weights (50 lbs. – 55 lbs.) without too much strain on the muscles. The brace height is also a factor here (7’’ – 8’’), which helps beginners draw with ease.

Overall: these little things makes the Hoyt Gamemaster II stand out and shine in the overcrowded segment of target bows, while also providing for enough accuracy to successfully hunt game at up to 30 yards.

Arrows For The Hoyt Gamemaster II

  • One of the stand-out features of this recurve is its high accuracy and low vibration. This makes it a great bow to try out different arrows, without worrying too much about how they will “behave.” The Gamemaster II is a bloody strong recurve, so you can feel comfortable about using arrows made from any materials.
  • Since arrow selection is highly dependant on the shooter and the draw weight of your bow, I suggest checking out our recurve bow arrow selection guide.

Is the Gamemaster II Good For Hunting / Beginners?

  • On the beginner’s side, you can enjoy the comfort of learning and faltering as it is a highly reliable bow and has an easy draw. Most flagship recurves are either for hunters or beginners, but this strikes a fine balance between the two and doesn’t make you run away due to complexity.
  • Older shooters or up and coming hunters can buy this great bow to learn and improve their accuracy over time. This recurve grows with you, and you will feel the difference once you start using it. The tune-ability of this bow increases its potential in your hands.
  • Being light-weight, having low vibration, and having a predictable noise level, make this bow great for hunting as well as beginners, so if you are either, add this to your comparison list before making a buying decision.

Where To Buy The Hoyt GameMaster II?

Check current price on Amazon.com. We don’t recommend used bows, so stay away from sellers who are selling their old Gamemasters unless you are highly experienced in assessing the condition of a recurve bow. The accessories are available in all popular online archery stores.

Review Summary

There are very few bows in this price range that offer this sort of flexibility. The Hoyt Gamemaster II delivers the performance called upon by its price tag and more. It lasts long. The design is mind-blowing. A nice ergonomic leather grip and a maple or aluminum riser of your choice. One of those recurve bows that takes design to an all new level for other potential bows to compete with.

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