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The following Martin Saber review was written by Mike Norton.


Martin SaberDrawBow WeightBow LengthTake-downRating
Martin Saber

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30-55 lbs.3.42 lbs.64"Yes8.9/10


  • Great riser and comfortable grip.
  • No vibration or hand torque.
  • Very durable limbs and limb pockets.
  • Take-down construction.
  • Excellent value for the price.


  • Arrow rest is low quality

Package Contents

All Martin Saber packages purchased after February 2013 include the following:

  • The Riser
  • Limbs
  • Arrow rest
  • String
  • Owner’s manual
  • Martin’s warranty card

Arrows are not included; make sure to buy them separately.

How To Assemble The Martin Saber

The Martin Saber is a take-down recurve. You’ll therefore need to attach the limbs to the riser an tighten the two screws to keep them in place. Then, you’ll need to string the bow. While this can be done manually, I highly recommend using a bow stringer to avoid injury or damage to the Saber.

Quality of The Grip

  • The grip is large and suitable for smaller and larger palms.
  • It’s padded, helping keep your arm warm and comfortable.
  • The design makes it impossible to develop blisters.

Overall: a solid and comfortable grip that should please everybody.

Quality of The Limbs

  • Laminated wood and fiberglass.
  • The laminate is properly glued and outer layers don’t peel off with time.
  • Did not notice any air bubbles underneath the laminate either.
  • The limbs can be detached from the riser.
  • The limbs don’t have a tendency to twist, even after prolonged and heavy use.

Overall: for the price paid, these limbs are excellent.

Quality of The Riser

  • Made from machined aluminum
  • Quite long but light-weight. There’s very little hand shock when shooting.
  • Comes with Vibration Vortex technology, which helps dissipate residual energy from the limbs after the shot.
  • The shelf is cut past center, making it capable of accepting pretty much any type of arrow, regardless of stiffness.
  • Included arrow rest is a nice addition for those who don’t like shooting off the shelf.

Overall: great riser, very beginner-friendly.

Quality of The String

How long the string lasts will depend on how often you wax it. On average, you can expect to squeeze 10,000 or so arrows out of it before the strands begin to break and a replacement is required. Make sure to keep a backup string with you at all times. Also, the limb tips are reinforced, so you can use any recurve bow Fast Flight flemish strings on the market.

How Accurate is The Martin Saber Bow?

  • Stability is perfect with no noticeable grip torque.
  • Vibration is very low, which improves arrow flight.
  • The grip is very comfortable, allowing you to focus on accuracy rather than the discomfort in the palm.
  • I was able to hit 2″ groups from 35 yards, without using a sight.

Arrows For The Martin Saber

Proper arrow selection will depend on:

  1. Your draw length
  2. The draw weight of your Saber

Please read our guide on selecting bow arrows to determine what arrows to get for the Martin Saber.

Does The Saber Accept Accessories?

Yes, no worries here. You can install a stabilizer, an arrow quiver, or a recurve bow sight – whatever you need. The riser is drilled and will readily accept all these accessories, though you will need to purchase them separately as they are not included with the package.

Is It Good For Beginners?

The Martin Saber is excellent for beginners, and here is why:

  • Very affordable.
  • The grip is very comfortable and will make a beginner’s shooting experience much more enjoyable.
  • Both the riser and the limbs are durable, so there is no need for constant maintenance and fixing broken parts.
  • Low on vibration and very accurate for any beginner’s requirements.
  • Very easy to tune.
  • Since the Saber is a take-down, you can replace the limbs for heavier ones should you need more draw weight in the future.

Is It Good For Hunting?

Please remember that the suitability of any recurve bow for hunting is determined primarily by the draw weight you have:

  • You’ll need a minimum of 40 lbs. of draw weight to hunt for deer.
  • For elk, 45 draw weight or more is recommended.
  • For the largest game like cape buffalo, you’ll need a minimum of 55 lbs., and preferably more

Also consider the following:

  • The bow is 64″ long, so if you plan to hunt from a blind or a tree stand make sure there’s enough space in there to maneuver the Saber.
  • Low vibration on the bow translates to a quiet performance, which will help you keep the upper hand when hunting.
  • The limbs do not seem to de-laminate even when using the bow in extreme weathers.

Where To Buy The Martin Saber?

Start by checking out the most current price on Archery pro shops also carry the Martin Saber, which is a good alternative if you need the bow quickly and do not mind paying a little more than in most online stores.

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